Tour Operator Website Design - 10 Tips to Boost Bookings Fast

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You're just starting out and trying to create an online presence for your activity tour or operation. A business card with a logo won't get you the bookings you want. It's all about increasing conversions and getting more bookings.

This blog will help you understand your company's website design's importance. Website optimization is a great way to increase the likelihood that your guests' click-throughs turn into reservations. These tips will help you optimize your tour operator website to get as many bookings as possible. You'll then be able to make even more money - which means expanding your reach in local tourism markets!

Get ready, these six tips can set off changes in just days!

1. Make sure to add clear and concise buttons.
The Book Now button is one of the most important on any tour or activity company's website. Visitors can make a reservation quickly and easily with you for any tour they wish to take. Be wary of using other buttons or interactive elements in your website design that could distract from the Book Now! button.

2. It should be easy to navigate your website.
For an improved user experience, it is important to make some elements of your website accessible from the homepage. Remember that many people will access your website via their phones or tablets. This means you need to have a mobile-responsive website that adjusts for every device size so users can navigate easily.

3. High-resolution photos are vital.
In an attempt to impress possible clients, many tour agencies are investing in professional photography. Rather than just one or two pictures per web page, there are now many high-quality photos of different scenes and perspectives.

Not only does this give visitors a sense of what the destination looks like; it gives them a glimpse of what their own experience would look like if they were actually there experiencing it for themselves - which could convince them to book with your company rather than another.

4. Make quality videos for your page.
Today's travelers want to see a video of the tour or activity before making a booking. It can help them communicate how incredible the experience will be for them and increase bookings through your marketing strategy.

A good first step would be to create videos that are full of satisfied customers so that potential customers know what they'll get from you when they buy their trip from you. You could do this yourself, but if you don't have the time, effort, or resources available - hiring an experienced videographer will make all the difference.

If done well, this might even lead to greater branding opportunities down the line if you choose to use it on different advertising channels outside just social media sites.

5. Customers should be able to contact representatives of your company quickly.
You can make it simple for customers to reach you in several ways:

  • First, include basic contact information like phone number, e-mail address, and physical address.
  • You can create a contact form for customers to send questions or comments via your website instantly. Although you won't be available to answer every question immediately, it is possible to create an auto-responder response that states that you have received their message and will respond soon.
  • It's worth having a phone number that people can call to book if you are available.

These options will allow you to establish a direct line between your customers and yourself, which your clients will greatly appreciate.

6. Make sure your services and packages are easily understood.
List all the tours and experiences you offer. These can be described using strong but descriptive words and details in a few sentences. Include videos and photos so that your customers know what to expect from booking with you.

Potential customers only have seconds to notice your website before clicking away. Therefore, it's important that you focus on the text of your homepage—what would you say about the tours and experiences you offer if you were stuck in an elevator for 30 seconds?

What is different about your company, and why should the customer book with it? You can start by answering these who, what, when, and where questions:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • When do we operate/when will my experience take place/where does this happen?
  • Where are we located (maps)?

7. Share a little bit about yourself.
Create an About Us Page for your company. Include photos of you and your staff, and share some information about your professional qualifications—perhaps how the business was started? Showcase one or two customer testimonials to demonstrate what others think of doing business with you.
8. Include an availability calendar.

Future travelers can see easily if there is something that fits their schedule. Your calendar should be up-to-date and compatible with mobile access.

9. Establish a presence on all relevant social networks.
These could be Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, and Twitter. Social networking can help you reach new customers that you may not have known existed. Using hashtags and pages, you can show guests how much you enjoy their experiences. You must work hard to maintain your presence on these websites and build trust and relationships.

10. Invest in an internet booking system.
Today's tour-seekers want to be able to book a spot online and pay for it from their own home.

An online booking platform is essential to survive the current tourism market. It allows you to open your doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of where your customer is.

There are many options. Make sure your cash flow is not affected by the pricing structure. Also, ensure the platform is specifically designed for tours and activities. Finally, the vendor should constantly improve their software.

Your website is your best channel for booking!
Today, most travelers use the internet to make their reservations for flights, hotels, and excursions. Our latest Australian Industry Survey results showed that 86.43% of respondents use the internet to make bookings.

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