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Builder Web Design

Project Overview

The client, a prominent builder based in North Carolina, had an existing website that was considerably dated and lacked significant content. As the digital face of their business, their website failed to effectively reflect the professionalism, expertise, and value they offered to their customers. The design was not user-friendly, the content was sparse and the site was not optimized for search engines, limiting their visibility to potential customers.

Project Execution

Our team took on the challenge with an unwavering commitment to transform the client's online presence and propel their business to new heights. We proposed a complete website overhaul, with the site to be built on our proprietary web design platform.

Design and Development:

We took a deep dive into the builder's business to understand their strengths, target audience, and unique selling points. We incorporated these elements into the new design to create a visually stunning, user-friendly, and intuitive website that could effectively communicate the client's brand and services.

The redesign included a clean, modern layout that allowed users to easily navigate through the website. We made sure that the website was responsive and mobile-friendly, as more and more customers use mobile devices for their browsing needs.

Content Creation:

The previous website lacked substantive content, so we dedicated resources to content creation. We crafted engaging, concise, and informative copy to showcase the client's services, values, and expertise. We highlighted testimonials and case studies to instill trust and highlight the builder's track record.

One of the major additions was a detailed construction portfolio section where the client could showcase their completed projects. This section was designed with a gallery feature to visually present their past work, thereby emphasizing the quality and variety of their construction capabilities.

SEO Optimization:

To enhance the website's visibility, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. Our SEO experts ensured that the website was fully optimized, following the best practices in keyword optimization, meta-tagging, and other on-page SEO techniques. We made sure the site was fast, reliable, and fully indexed by search engines.


The revamped website was received enthusiastically by the client and their customers. Not only did the new design and content better reflect the brand's identity, but it also led to a noticeable increase in online traffic and user engagement. The builder reported an increase in inquiries and conversions, attributing it to the more visible and professional online presence.


This case study exemplifies our agency's dedication to transforming our clients' online presence. Through a combination of smart web design, content creation, and SEO optimization, we helped the North Carolina builder increase their online visibility, user engagement, and ultimately, their business growth. We continue to work closely with them, ensuring their website remains an effective tool for their business development.

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